Raw & Unfilted Honey

Our nothing added, nothing taken away honey. This year we have two varieties of honey. First, we have a light honey sourced from clover, alfalfa, and wildflowers. Second, we have a darker honey sourced primarily from buckwheat. Try either or both today!

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Flavored Honeys

Try our chocolate, cinnamon, lemon, and chile pepper honeys. Our stock of these is best in the fall, but they go fast! We have them in both regular and spun varieties.

Because honey is self-filtering, larger pieces of lemon zest, chile peppers, or cinnamon will rise to the top. You can reincorporate these by tipping the bottle up and down and allowing the honey to stir itself, or you can just mix it up with a spoon.

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We're happy to visit your classroom or club meeting with an observation hive to allow you and your students to see into the inner life of a hive.  Email us to schedule your demonstration.

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Raw and Unfiltered—nothing added, nothing taken away.

That’s how we do honey at Sunrise Apiaries. Partly, because it’s a lot of sticky work to cook honey, but mostly because taking the honey straight from the hive to the bottle preserves its natural goodness.

Cliff Hanson started Sunrise Apiaries in 2015. He named the company Sunrise Apiaries after his family farm, Sunrise Farms, homesteaded in 1904 by his great-great grandpa Andrew Hanson. A year later, Caleb Pesola joined the company. We’ve grown considerably in that time, from four hives in one apiary (bee yard) to over thirty hives in two apiaries. We're growing because we're committed to bringing quality, raw and unfiltered honey to the folks in our area and beyond.

Raw honey contains antioxidants called phenolic compounds, which protect your body from cell damage. It’s antibacterial and antifungal. It contains Phytonutrients, which provide both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Raw honey can also help sooth your sore throat and it even helps fight off allergies if you buy it locally.

Our honey is produced right here in Isanti County. We currently have two apiaries: one 3 miles northwest and one 8 miles southwest of the City of Isanti. Our bees produce honey from a variety of sources—clover, alfalfa, plum trees, chokecherry trees, apple trees, and an assortment of wildflowers.

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Where can you find us?

You can find our honey at Isanti Retail Meats, Rendezvous Coffee in Isanti and directly from us by emailing us at sunriseapiariesllc@gmail.com or messaging us on facebook.